Our Supporters

This journal would not be possible without the invaluable contribution from so many people.   

A very big thank you to Kathryn and Graham O'Neill for their wonderful work on the design and print production of the journal.  They have been brilliant to work with.  

I am also grateful to Nikki Lovrich an amazing friend of mine and extremely talented make-up professional, for her words of wisdom and constant support. 

Cara Tipping Smith from Copy Carats, provided a huge amount of assistance to this project. She was always keen to help and available whenever I needed her.

Megan Schmidt, Pinc Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist and co-owner of Active + in Albany and Orewa, has been consistently supportive of my work since we first met.  She is one of the most compassionate and brilliant physiotherapists that I have ever known and is adored by her patients. 

I'd like to give huge thanks also to Dr Judith Ansell, for her excellent editorial guidance throughout this project and her positive psychological words of wisdom featured throughout the journal. 

Thanks to the amazing  Annie Oxborough, who is a wonderfully talented botanical stylist.  She offered her support straight away and has donated her time to helping the launch of this journal. 

The team at AMP Scholarships have backed this project from its inception. A huge thank you for their continued belief in me and on going support. 

To the incredible team at Toast, Lou-Ellen, Alastair and Colin, without your IT support I would be completely lost.  Thank you for your professionalism and expertise.

Of course, this journal would not be possible without the generosity of so many experts within our PINC and STEEL community; both those who have experienced cancer and the physiotherapists who believe passionately in the work they do.  Thank you to every single one of you.