AMP Scholarships Ambassador - Lou James

The road to recovery can be incredibly tough, but Lou James, founder of PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, has taken a hugely positive step. Lou was awarded an AMP National Scholarship in 2014 and AMP is proud to support her in developing, ‘365 Survive to Thrive,’ a bespoke rehabilitation journal.


What’s your source of inspiration - what drives you?

I’ve seen first hand the affect cancer has on people, and the unfairness of the disease - no one should have to rehabilitate from that alone. I know physiotherapy can make a real difference, and that drives me to keep working. I’m inspired because I want to do more to help.


How is AMP helping you to achieve your dream?

One of our biggest issues is lack of awareness - if people don’t know what help is available, it’s hard to seek it out. AMP really helped in terms of raising awareness. It means we’ve got a big brand, and a renowned company backing our ideas, we’re not just going it alone, so that makes a real difference.


What’s been the highlight of winning your AMP Scholarship journey so far? 

The opportunities that have emerged, and the doors that have opened - I’ve never had so many people come up to me and say, how can I help? 

Once they’re aware of the issues, and they start to understand them, people genuinely do want to give their support.


Can you share your top tip with any Kiwis looking at applying?

Don’t wait to apply – do it now. I’ve seen people wait till they have a life threatening illness before they think about doing the things they really love. It takes courage, but it’s worth it.


What’s the best advice you can give to anyone daydreaming of doing their thing?

If you share your ideas and your passion, you’ll find people get on board to help you out. You don’t need to have all the answers to start ‘doing your thing’, you’ll have blind optimism and enthusiasm, and you can find the answers as you go!

If you’ve got a ‘thing’ that could help make a difference, applying for an AMP Scholarship could be the first step towards making it happen. 

    • a insurance
    • supported 670 New Zealanders who were unable to return to work because of an illness or injury by paying out $28 million
    • wrote $624 million in new mortgages, and

Provided advice over the phone to more than 341,000 New Zealanders.

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