Join Us to Move Over Cancer

Move Over Cancer

This month the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust reaches its 10 year milestone and to celebrate we are launching a new campaign called ‘Move Over Cancer’.

Currently, there is still an enormous discrepancy between the incidence of physical impairments and provision of medical rehabilitation services for people affected by cancer. Our nationwide network of Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapists see first hand the physical and emotional toll cancer has on the people affected and their families. Many people are living with long-term side effects of cancer and may feel they haven’t ‘beaten’ cancer at all.   

Move Over Cancer is about supporting people with cancer to live as fully and actively as possible.  It doesn’t matter what body part has been affected by cancer, whether you are male or female, young or old, everyone deserves support to move over cancer. 

The Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, our Physiotherapists and our Foundation Sponsor AMP are working together to launch Move Over Cancer Challenges across the country.   Funds raised through the Move Over Cancer Campaign will help to ensure that more cancer patients get access to much needed physiotherapy rehabilitation and exercise programmes nationwide.

We need your help!

We have Move Over Cancer Challenges in 20 regions across New Zealand that you can support by entering, making a donation, or purchasing a Move Over Cancer t-shirt .     Or you can start your own ‘Move Over Cancer challenge’ to support people affected by cancer in your local region.

Join us to help ‘Move Over Cancer’

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